Saturday, December 12, 2015

NEW Beginning 2D Animation classes at Laney College. REGISTER NOW for January 30, 2016

This is my Laney College animation class poster for Spring 2016.  Any questions can be emailed directly to me, Tony Claar.                                      
This is a beginning class, so you do not need to be skilled at drawing; I will teach you simple drawing techniques from the first day, with simple lines & forms, such as straight & curved line, spheres, cubes, & cylinders. We will progress to human characters & their designs, and animals, birds, fish, weights & objects, plus visual effects, such as wind, fire, water, & smoke! You can also make a short film. We will also view & study great short films from world cinema, such as France, UK, Canada, Japan, Holland, Yugoslavia, USA, etc.

I have taught animation & filmmaking now for 18 years in the Bay Area. I saw what works with students and my students get results. The exercises are simple, but you will learn essential timing & spacing skills, plus the 12 principles of animation from The Illusion of Life by Frank & Ollie, Disney masters (the wave principle alone will amaze you).  I will also teach Digicel Flipbook animation software, which is professional AND  easy to learn. All the top colleges use it, as well as all the top animation studios.The class will be well worth the time & effort, so sign up now & join us!