Sunday, November 29, 2015

Graphics in Motion-beginning 2D animation

"Graphics In Motion"---beginning 2D animation poster for Spring 2016.   The course is 3 units.
Teacher: Tony Claar   
 Saturdays     9 am to 1 pm     January 30 - May 28,  2016.   
Register soon at Laney's website:

You can be an animator! Why don't you try? Improve your drawing skillsWatch great films.You can learn all the fundamentals of classic, hand drawn animation for sure. It will be fun & worth it.

This is a traditional drawing animation class for beginners. The exercises do NOT require advanced drawing abilities. Instead, they will be simple and you can be at a beginning level. The class starts at the beginning of drawing, with animating straight & curved lines, then the 3 basic forms of art: the sphere, cube, & cylinder. 
We will animate objectssimple characters, animals, birds, fish, & visual effects, such as fire, water, & smoke. 
Students will learn Disney's 12 principles of animation, laws of physics like gravity & principles of movie making. Students will also learn stop-motion and make their own short animated movies.
Students will also learn by viewing award-winning films from world cinema, such as Yugoslavia, Canada, Japan, USA, etc.

 The animation software is Digicel Flipbook, used by all the top animation studios & colleges. I have used it professionally for 22 years. Go to: to check it out. We have the professional version installed on the computers at Laney already.

I have over 30 years of professional animation experience that I want to share with you. It includes DisneyTV in L.A., Fox TV, & M TV: Liquid Television, feature films: "Cool World", directed by Ralph Bakshi, "Ferngully", & "The Chipmunk Adventure", all in L.A,  plus Sesame Street in London, "Professor Balthazar" & "Satiemania" in Zagreb Film Studios, Croatia. Bay area animation work: Colossal Pictures, SF Production Group, The Learning Co., Broderbund, and many commercials.
 I was fortunate to attend Richard William's 3 day master class in Vancouver, Canada, in the 90's. My own films are on You Tube under Tony Claar. Welcome to the class, let's start animating!

Lab Test---Bubbles Float & Morph Into 8-Ball Which Crashes

Lab Test---Bubbles Float & Morph Into 8-Ball Which Crashes.

Cannon Ball Fall and crash-teacher's example

Cannon Ball Fall and crash (special effect) -heavy weight exercise--teacher's example

Cannon Ball Fall-heavy weight-student exercise

Cannon Ball Fall-heavy weight-student exercise at AAU.

A Soap Bubble Floats-teacher's example

A Soap Bubble Floats and pops (visual effect)---teacher's example.

Bubble Float: student exercise

Bubble Float: this is a high school student's exercise in my beginning animation class at AAU.

Worm Crawl-student's exercise

Worm Crawl. This is a high school student's exercise in my beginning animation class at AAU.

Worm Crawl cycle: teacher's example.

Worm Crawl cycle. There are 6 drawings in this cycle.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Clown Man riding on a unicycle. There are ONLY 4 drawings in this cycle.
Clown Lady revealing sad & glad facial expressions. There are ONLY 4 drawings in this cycle.

Friday, November 27, 2015